The Château de Lignières, an elegant 17th century residence, is one of the few examples of classical architecture in Berry.

Owned by His Royal Highness Sixte Henri de Bourbon Parma, this castle also belonged to the Grand Colbert.

Meneology of The House of Bourbon


Un little history

  • From 1654, it was built on the site of the former castle belonging to La Rochefoucauld, at the initiative of Jérôme de Nouveau, superintendent general of the Posts and Relais de France, and secretary of Louis XIV who had acquired the place in 1653.
  • The house was built from 1654 to 1656.
  • The gallery was then built, then in 1660, that of the two pavilions that confine the entrance terrace on the courtyard.
  • The moat was built in place of the ditches by Larivière. The gardens were then created by the parisian master gardener Gabriel Thévenon. The canals are by Jérôme Drouard, son-in-law of Larivière and master maker of Paris. The work was led by Robert Geoffroy, architect, then by the entrepreneur René Boissonnet.
  • In 1683, the castle became Colbert’s property, then in 1786 passed into the hands of the Bourbons to which it still belongs today.
  • The gardens transformed into an English-style park in 1827 are remarkable. Forty rare species are present and a tree of almost 300 years reigns majestically. A period orangery has been preserved ande the old 12th century chapel features beautiful statues and a carved wooden pulpit.
  • The castle has been listed as a Historic Monument since 1935.

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